About Us

Designed for the warriors in life, Casually Violent is for you.

We are a dying breed, we live by a code of honor, we smoke cigars, we don’t ruin whiskey with water and we love America. We haven’t been perfect in our lives, we have scars, we have flaws, but they are part of us and they are ours. No matter what obstacles we face, we will always keep on going forward.

As a community, we believe in one another, adversity makes us stronger, when we fall we get back up, and when others fall we support them in getting back up. We are good to one another, but we walk the line always ready to do whatever it takes to take care of the friends and family we love. We will always be warriors and violence will always be inside of us, the warrior never leaves.

It’s who we are, it’s what we believe.

We wanted our products to tell the same story, to tell people who I am and what I stand for with absolutely no explanation required. I wasn’t willing to use products that didn’t match my standards. As part of our dedication to maintaining the same quality in all of our products and ensuring the happiness of our customers, Casually Violent was launched in 2018 after several months of fine-tuning.

As a brotherhood, we’re stronger together. We thrive in the symphony of chaos that we call life.

We are the Casually Violent family. Veteran-owned and operated.

Are you ready to join us?